A collaborative wiki to share information about unconventional trails in wilderness.



This is a anonymous editable wiki for all unconventional trek details. (eg. If you plan to trek kumaraparvata in the usual route, then this is not the place to look for)

It an annoying experience to read often contradicting and irrelavant bits of information about the trek places. This is a editable wiki for relevant information regarding all trekking related information. We hope this saves a good amout of time and effort. Currently, we are focussed on western ghats of Southern India.


  • What can I get here?

The intended audience is serious trekkers. A main trail (along with derivative trails) has a page for itself and a page is constantly improvised. We usually provide the a list of main places on the trail, their co-ordinates and some trekker wisdom related to it and occasionally some trail file that can be loaded onto a gps machine.

  • Where can I find all the files (including images)?


  • How can I contribute?

By adding a page about a trail or editing a existing page. Edit and related links are present at the end of the page. See below for edit/add instructions.

  • How do I access the text-only version of a page?

We do not maintain text-only version of our pages. Use some kind of image blocker like adblock plus with filter "http://kaadudaari.wikidot.com/local--files/write:images"

  • why this name for the site?

kaadudaari (ಕಾಡುದಾರಿ) means forest path in kannada (it is also the subtitle).

  • Why is not kannada rendered properly?

It may be a problem with your OS or your browser. We are UTF8 compliant.

Instructions to add/edit pages

Add a new page

  • Send a PM(private mail) to admin with details. Rest will be taken care of. If you intend to create a page on your own, read further.
  • Enter http://kaadudaari.wikidot.com/write:yourpagename in the url with "yourpagename" replaced with your desired name. You will asked to create a new page. Do so.
  • You may follow the format of an existing page.
  • Do not upload images and files to that page. Upload to images.
  • Once you are done with your page, go top navigation pane and side navigation pane to add your new page there so that everybody gets to see that and drop and PM to admin.

Edit a page

  • Edit a page only if you are sure that your change is going add value. Otherwise, you may leave a comment below that page.
  • Always, leave a brief note in the box below the editing box informing others of your changes. Use preview to look at your changes before clicking save.
  • By clicking on the options at the bottom of the page, you can edit section-wise, thereby keeping the rest of the code safe.


Admin of this site may be contacted via a PM(if you are a wikidot user) or gmail at knolopen.



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